Alabama Stone

Since 1884, oolitic limestone from our quarry—known as Alabama Stone— has been mined, crafted and shipped worldwide for use in award-winning structures. The superior beauty, durability and economy of Alabama Stone has made it the limestone of choice for architects, designers, builders and artists looking to leave their mark in history.

Since its acquisition by Vetter Stone Company, Alabama Stone’s mining, fabrication and administrative operations have undergone major renovations to meet the increasing demand. State-of-the-art estimating, drafting, design and fabrication methods combined with a skilled staff apply modern expertise to an ancient resource.

With Alabama Stone, there are no seasonal delays in production because the limestone is mined underground. This gently veined stone is perfectly suited for dimensional stonework on a grand scale.



Alabama Stone adds beauty, value and longevity to both traditional and contemporary designs and is today one of the most desirable limestones available. Its natural splendor creates an inviting environment for both commercial and residential markets. As an oolitic limestone, it is known for its light grey to white background and silver veining. Its machinability allows for versatility and sophisticated detailing. Plus, its reserves are virtually unlimited allowing for matches to existing work for years to come.

For architects and contractors alike, using Alabama Stone for exterior and interior applications creates a bold and distinctive statement that offers a sense of strength and permanence. From precision custom cut detailing to wall panels and welcoming landscape elements, Alabama Stone offers unlimited design opportunities, functional adaptability and unmatched beauty.