A rough, textured face that is achieved by mechanically splitting a block to expose a coarse face. The splitting process breaks the stone along its natural cleavage lines to create an innate, cleft-face finish. The edges are trimmed in assorted sizes to create various patterns and combinations. Split face material can be produced in either full-bed or thinstone applications.

Typical Applications: Exterior Facades & Cladding, Interior Finishes, Column Wraps, Fireplaces, Accent Walls.

*Vertical installations only.


Slabs of stone that are machine cut and finished in a broad variety of size, finish, and color options. These cladding panels are adhered by a steel anchoring system.

Typical Applications: Exterior Facades, Interior Wall Cladding, Archways, Flooring, Fireplaces.

*Vertical & Horizontal Installations with appropriate finish and sealer.

Custom Cut

Stone blocks are cut and crafted to meet any custom size, shape, profile, and finish. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and created to meet specified needs.

Typical Applications: Columns, Cornices, Balusters, Countertops, Address Plates, Fireplace Hearths/Mantles/Surrounds, Door & Window Sills & Surrounds, Pavers & Flooring.

*Vertical & Horizontal Installations with appropriate finish and sealer.